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The power to dynamically manage your ground assets and critical infrastructure.

Remotely. At scale. Cost effectively.

Rezatec was formed in 2012 to help businesses better manage their land-based assets by making use of the increasingly sophisticated but complex array of Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data available.

We do this through our unique landscape intelligence platform aggregating large amounts of diverse data from satellites, airborne and ground instruments, applying relevant modelling and using our mapping, measuring and monitoring techniques with best-in-class technology to provide critical decision support for our customers.

Dam Monitoring

Dam Monitoring empowers operators and regulators to manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base: remotely, at scale, cost-effectively.

It tracks unusual changes in movement, seepage, vegetation, landslides and downstream hazards. Its unique historical analysis and continual data refreshes highlight risk areas, so you deploy investigation and maintenance resources to the right place at the right time.           

In addition, Dam Monitoring aggregates, streamlines and analyses all your dam data, enabling you to ensure regulatory compliance and keep your dams safe.

Dam Monitoring comprises four modules, each developed to assess risk and enable reporting across key failure modes.

Simple regulatory reporting saving time and effort. Easy upload and visualisation of customer data, such as piezometer and water level data, to maintain a single source of truth, with easy access in the field.

Ground Motion & Seepage
Quick, easy understanding of the state of two of the five failure modes for each dam. Identify when and where attention and resources need to be focused across a portfolio of dams.

Downstream Hazard
Proactively prioritise dams with new buildings within the flood plain for further inspection, and to update the Emergency Action Plan to more rapidly mitigate risk to public safety.

Landslide Risk
Year round, monthly insights to monitor landslide risk and weather events that may be a trigger. Helps to focus resources and ensure safety.

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